Hello! We are Kitty and Trin, and we want to make romaji for you (so we can practice Japanese)!! yay!

Kitty started the blog, and now Trinny is a super duper co-owner. Be kind to us!!

We take requests! We especially like to do less popular songs, because it can be hard to find romaji for them. So to make a request, just comment, on this page or on any post, really. Also feel free to comment with any perceived errors and whatnot. One of us will review the lyrics in question and give you a reply ASAP. If they are indeed wrong, we'll credit you, too!

Finally, if you'd like to become an affiliate or a mod yourself, you can comment here too. I (kitty) would rather not add total strangers as mods, so we just want to talk and get to know you a little better first, then we'll add you. And if you already do know us, just contact me and tell me you wanna help!

Have fun singing!!

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